ACP Rules & Statutes

ACP Laws

Address Confidentiality Program Act (§24-30-2101, et seq., C.R.S.)
Address Confidentiality Program Administrative Rules (1 CCR 103-6)
Colorado laws and administrative rules regarding the creation and operation of the Address Confidentiality Program.

Applicable State Laws

Title 18 - Article 9 - Offenses Against Public Peace, Order, and Decency (§18-9-313, C.R.S.)
Provides ACP participants with a statutory process for requesting the removal of certain information from the Internet.

Title 24 - Part 21

Title 38 - Article 12 - Tenants and Landlords (§38-12-401, et seq., C.R.S.)
Allows survivors of domestic violence or abuse, unlawful sexual behavior, or stalking to break a residential rental lease agreement without incurring fines or penalties.

Applicable Federal Laws and Rules

U.S. Treasury - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

Customer Identification Program Rule - Address Confidentiality Programs (FIN-2009-R003)
A FinCEN ruling regarding the acceptance of an ACP substitute address by financial institutions.


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