Our Story

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DCS will provide the best value to the State in every service we offer and to every customer we serve.





Do you need materials designed or printed, how about delivered, scanned, data converted, or stored/warehoused, what about knowing someone who might need a legal substitute address, or maybe a copy of an old document/photograph, or record retention/disposition schedules… well the Division of Central Services is where you want to go!

We are a medley of services that serve all government entities throughout the State of Colorado and serve within the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration.




The Division of Central Services (DCS) has been evolving ever since 1976 when State Statute created our existence. Back then, DCS services revolved around printing, mailing and graphics, state vehicle operation, state facilities, and state travel. Like then, to this day, DCS exists to provide centralized business support services at competitive pricing to all state agencies, but with some changes.

In 2011, the Address Confidentiality Program joined DCS, in 2012, the State Travel Management unit moved to another division within DPA, and then in 2016, the Division was restructured.

As of today, the Division of Central Services consists of the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), Integrated Document Solutions (IDS), and Colorado State Archives.



DCS believes that partnerships are key to evolving the State Brand and focusing on core objectives that make government more efficient and effective. For instance, one of IDS' partnerships involves the Department of Law's Safe2Tell program and assisting in the efforts to print and distribute awareness materials to all Colorado schools, Boys and Girls Clubs or Colorado, and 4-H Club. The ACP partners with multiple law enforcement agencies and courts across the State to accommodate the ACP laws. The State Archives partners with all government entities for records retention and disposition scheduling in order to preserve Colorado's permanent legal and historical records.


Our Values

Central Services offers employees, customers, and citizens our commitment to:

  • Conduct our operation with integrity
  • Provide a participative teamwork environment based on mutual respect, recognition and opportunities for individual development
  • Build sustainable partnerships with our customers
  • Provide excellent service (accurate, on time, high quality, responsive, helpful, and easy to do business with)
  • Demonstrate concern for cost in every action and decision
  • Proactive and innovative approaches to the future

Our Promise to Our Customers

Central Services exists to provide customers with the product or service that they need, at a price they can afford, and at a level of quality for which they can be proud. Through our consolidated, volume-based approach, Central Services helps participating state agencies to:

  • Combine State Volumes — to improve purchasing leverage, reduce unit prices, and streamline the ordering, delivery, and payment processes
  • Eliminate Redundancy — by creating one contract and solicitation process, providing one shop which minimizes facility costs, improving labor efficiency, reducing and sharing management and administration costs, and reducing the need to invest in duplicative equipment and infrastructure
  • Improve Professionalism and Quality — with dedicated functional expertise, improved information and systems, and consistent processes and methods that translate to increased technical expertise and higher quality service
  • Reduce Unit Costs — by maximizing equipment utilization across multiple agency volumes, diluting fixed and overhead costs, and extending large volume pricing to small agencies

How We Do Business

The Central Services approach to internal pricing is simple. Rates are set to recover all costs without profit while remaining competitive with the private sector. We keep rates competitive by conducting a bi-annual rate comparison study, planning with key customers to manage and grow volumes to create economies of scale, pursuing alternative funding strategies, including grants, and a constant focus on productivity improvement and process efficiency.

By Working Together to Serve Colorado, DCS will continually search for better solutions to improve our customer, partnership, and vendor journeys in order to provide the best service, which in the end, revolves around all State of Colorado citizens.