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The Division of Central Services (DCS) provides a diverse set of services that include legal substitute address and confidential mail forwarding services for survivors of domestic violence; design, imaging, mail, delivery, and print management services; and managing, collecting, preserving, and providing access to state and local government records.


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State of Colorado IDS selected as Ricoh’s 2022 ‘Transformation of Print’ Award Winner

Gavin Jordan-Smith of Ricoh with Mike Lincoln of State of Colorado IDS, ‘Transformation of Print’ Award winner

In June, Ricoh USA, Inc. recognized the State of Colorado’s Department of Personnel & Administration, Integrated Document Services (IDS) Print and Mail operation for outstanding achievement in innovation as its 2022 ‘Transformation of Print’ Award winner.

Ricoh presented the award to Mike Lincoln, State of Colorado Printer, at the annual In-Plant Print & Mail Association (IPMA) 2022 Conference. (Linkedin post)

Photo: Gavin Jordan-Smith of Ricoh (left) with Mike Lincoln of State of Colorado IDS


Inkjet Upgrade Brings New Work to State of Colorado’s In-plant
Neubauer, B. (2022, July 8), In-Plant Impressions

Ricoh Pro VC60000 continuous-feed inkjet press at the State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions

In June 2022, a new continuous-feed inkjet press was up and running at the State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions (IDS) print and mail operation in Denver. Inkjet technology has changed since IDS’ previous press model of seven years. IDS was looking for equipment a little bit faster and of higher quality to move into new markets for government agencies. The inkjet upgrade is just one of several recent and upcoming technology changes for the in-plant. Inkjet made Colorado the leader in a nationwide shift to inkjet by government printers.

Read more about the inkjet upgrade and what it means for the State of Colorado and other states. 

What's New

July 11, 2022
The USPS® has announced changes to First Class, International Special Services, and Mailing Standards.  In addition to these changes, the USPS is changing the way they perform the 3-digit origin to 3-digit destination zone determination.