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IDS Services & COVID-19 Updates

With the impact of the COVID-19 community spread, IDS is doing everything we can to plan and protect our customers' best interests and ensure that everyone has the document resources and services they need.

As of today, IDS is continuing to operate under our regular business schedule. We are prepared to address the needs of both the Denver and Pueblo facilities on a day-by-day basis to combat any potential service interruption or temporary service suspension.

IDS Rates Re-evaluated for FY20

As the Department of Personnel & Administration's mission is to provide quality services that enhance state government success and the Division of Central Services' mission is to provide the best value to the State in every service they offer and to every customer they serve, IDS worked with DPA Budget to re-evaluate all IDS rates for fiscal year 2020. One of the most significant reductions in our rates this year involves interdepartmental mail delivery — Delivery Stop rates dropped from $810.00 to a flat rate of $285.