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USPS Price & Structure Changes Effective July 10, 2022

The USPS® has announced changes to First Class, International Special Services, and Mailing Standards. 
In addition to these changes, the USPS is changing the way they perform the 3-digit origin to 3-digit destination zone determination.

Shipping prices are not changing. However, the zone might be different and that could affect the price you pay. You may notice an increase, a decrease, or no change.

IDS Services & COVID-19 Updates

With the impact of the COVID-19 community spread, IDS is doing everything we can to plan and protect our customers' best interests and ensure that everyone has the document resources and services they need.

As of today, IDS is continuing to operate under our regular business schedule. We are prepared to address the needs of both the Denver and Pueblo facilities on a day-by-day basis to combat any potential service interruption or temporary service suspension.