Printing from Home Interim Process

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July 23, 2021 — While many employees are continuing to work from home, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) have set some interim guidelines for the print-from-home process for all departments and employees moving forward.

OIT/Office on Information Security (OIS) and DPA/DCS IDS Secure Office Print Ecosystem program (SOPE) strongly recommend that agencies limit printing for the State-extended home office until a solution is built and secured for printers.
Leadership should always encourage any State personnel to go to the office for their printing — it is the most secure. Also, since agencies pay a minimum with print included, it would be best to leverage existing unused printing allowances on their devices.


OIT/OIS and SOPE have defined the following guidelines for the interim to limit risk:

  • Guideline 1 — Go into the office when necessary to do any office printing
  • Guideline 2 — If going to the office is not a viable option due to travel, OIT/SOPE recommends the agency purchase a printer from SOPE printer standards
  • Guideline 3 — Due to the risk, OIT/OIS will not authorize State printing on personally owned devices

First Step — Contact & Waiver Request

Email Contact
Please send an email to to send via DocuSign "Secure Office Print Ecosystem (SOPE).

Print from Home Waiver Request 

Second Step — Procurement

Waiver Approval & Exemption
If requesting an exemption from using the State's SOPE printing service, a waiver must be approved by IDS SOPE, per the State of Colorado Statue.

  • Fill out the waiver and attach "Secure Office Print Ecosystem (SOPE) Print from Home Waiver Request" (Approved)
  • Select the printer from the SOPE printer standards
  • A waiver will be approved and sent via email
  • A copy of the waiver will be forwarded to the OIT Desk Side teams to approve RQS