USPS Price & Structure Changes Effective July 10, 2022

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The USPS® has announced changes to First Class, International Special Services, and Mailing Standards. 
In addition to these changes, the USPS is changing the way they perform the 3-digit origin to 3-digit destination zone determination.

Shipping prices are not changing. However, the zone might be different and that could affect the price you pay. You may notice an increase, a decrease, or no change.

Listed below is only a summary of the changes. For more details, visit the USPS Basic USPS Information.
July 2022 USPS First-Class Mail Prices

First Class Mail Current Price Price 7/10/2022
Stamped 1-ounce letter, domestic $0.58 $0.60
Metered mail 1-ounce (Single piece) $0.53 $0.57
Single-piece letter, additional ounce $0.20 $0.24
Postcard stamp $0.40 $0.44
One-ounce letter, international  $1.30 $1.40