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General Questions

How can I support someone to enroll in the program?

There are a few ways that individuals can support program enrollment.

  1. Applications must be submitted with the support of an Application Assistant. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a certified Application Assistant, you may visit the Application Assistant Corner and Become an Application Assistant pages.
  2. If you would not like to pursue Application Assistant certification, you may support individuals in finding a center that can help them enroll. We have a list of available locations on this page of Application Center Locations. We have a similar list of locations with advocacy in Spanish on the Ubicaciones de Centros de Solicitudes page.
  3. Evidence is required to determine program eligibility. Evidence may come in a number of forms, including letters written by professionals supporting the enrolling individual. Letters written by medical professionals, religious officials, therapists, direct service advocates, and other professionals may be accepted as evidence. You may utilize this Sample Evidence Letter to support this process and contact ACP staff at acp@state.co.us for more information.
How do agencies or state and local government bodies know to use the substitute address?

It is the responsibility of the participant to inform various agencies and government bodies to use their unique substitute address. Participants must present their ACP Authorization Card when requesting that their substitute address be used. The Authorization Card may be copied for agency records.

How can I learn more about the ACP and how it impacts my work?

The ACP can provide informational training for free, as requested. These trainings may be modified to provide information specific to your agency’s work and clientele. Visit the ACP Training page to learn more and request training. You may also visit the ACP Rules and Statutes page.

Participant Questions

What information must be reported to the ACP by participants when changed?

Change Forms are used to reflect changes in personal and contact information. Participants receive a copy of a blank Change Form in their Welcome Folder upon enrollment and can request additional copies from the ACP if needed. The following information should be reported to the ACP when it changes: phone number, email address, actual address, mailing address, additional co-applicants, removing co-applicants, and legal name changes. Changes that are not reported to the ACP may result in program cancellation.

I just had a new baby. How do I add them to my ACP household? Do I need to provide any proof/ documentation?

In order to add anyone to your household please submit a completed Change Form to the ACP listing the new addition as a co-applicant. If you need a Change Form, contact the ACP by phone or email. We do not require any further documentation for newborns.

How do I renew my enrollment as a program participant?

Participants are enrolled for 4 years at a time. One month prior to expiration, ACP staff will attempt to contact the primary participant of that household. Participants will receive a Renewal Notice via email and mail regarding the date of their expiration. In order to renew enrollment, a Change Form must be completed and submitted to the ACP. This ensures that the ACP has the correct information on file for the participant/household. Once received and processed, the ACP will renew program enrollment for another 4 years. All participants and co-applicants will receive new Authorization Cards.

I missed the deadline to renew my participation and still want to be in the program. What can I do now?

Once a household is canceled from the program, a Notice of Cancellation will be provided via email and mail. The Notice of Cancellation includes a Cancellation Letter, Appeal Form, and Change Form. Canceled households have a 30 day period to appeal cancellation and renew enrollment in the program. The Appeal Form and Change Form must both be completed and submitted to the ACP for processing. If the 30 day appeal period has passed, participants/households must begin the enrollment process with an Application Assistant to re-enroll in the program.

I am a participant and have lost my Authorization Card. Can I get a new one?

Yes, Authorization Cards may be replaced for free. Contact the ACP by phone at 303-866-2208 or email at acp@state.co.us to request a new card. Please provide your name and the apartment number of your substitute address.

Are packages forwarded by the ACP?

No. With the exception of bank checks and license plates, packages are not forwarded by the ACP. No other exceptions can be made. Participants who would still like to receive packages should consider having packages mailed to a PO Box, a friend or family member’s address, or addressed to a Safe Label Name at their actual address. Packages sent to the ACP will be returned to the sender and the ACP is not responsible for packages sent to the substitute address.

Do participants need to use their substitute address everywhere?

No, participants can choose when to share and use their substitute address. The substitute address is a safety planning tool for participants to utilize according to their needs. Participants are not required to use their substitute address for everything, though are encouraged to use the substitute address in place of their actual address whenever possible.

Can participants use their substitute address in the court system?

Yes, they may. The ACP encourages participants to access legal advocacy if there is an existing or pending court action. Participants may contact the ACP for information about affordable legal support.

As a participant, where does my mail go?

Mail will initially be delivered to the substitute address, where it is then sorted according to the apartment number of the substitute address. Once sorted, the mail is repackaged and sent to the appropriate household. Participants may select a separate destination for their mail to be sent by the ACP, known as a mailing address. Mail may be sent to your actual address or another address of your choosing, including PO boxes.

Can participants still vote in the district where they live?

Yes, participants may register as ACP Voters. There are details on how to register as an ACP Voter in the Welcome Folder, received by participants after program enrollment.

Is this Witness Protection?

No, the ACP is not Witness Protection. The ACP provides a legal substitute address to use in public records as the home, work, and school address of enrolled participants. The ACP also completes mail forwarding. The Address Confidentiality Program does not provide legal name changes, new identities, or relocation funds.

Application Assistant Questions

I am certified as an Application Assistant and am switching workplaces. Can I keep my certification?

Typically, yes, Application Assistants can transfer certification to their new workplace. Application Assistants must provide some sort of direct service to survivors of violence through their work or volunteer experience. Changes in workplace affiliation and contact information can be submitted by completing the Application Assistant Agreement as a Change of Information.

I’m a certified Application Assistant. Where can I find my Registration Number?

Your Registration Number is populated into an automated email titled “Welcome to the ACP”, sent upon certification. You may also request your Registration Number by contacting the Outreach and Training Coordinator at acp@state.co.us

How can I renew my certification as an Application Assistant?

One month prior to your certification ending, a notification on the steps to renew your certification will be sent to the email address on file. An Application Assistant Agreement must be submitted as a Renewal. If your certification has lapsed, you will need to submit a completed Skills Assessment with a score of 100%. You will maintain the same Registration Number once your certification renewal is complete.

How can I get more ACP materials in my office?

Materials can be sent as requested. You may request additional applications or brochures by emailing acp@state.co.us.

Where do I send completed applications?

Applications must be submitted by a certified Application Assistant. Completed applications may be sent via email to acp@state.co.us, via fax at 303-866-3946, or via mail addressed to the ACP at 1001 E. 62nd Ave. Denver, CO 80216.

Can the ACP make exceptions to the eligibility requirements in unique circumstances?

The eligibility requirements are declared in the Colorado Revised Statutes and are not flexible according to individual circumstances. However, the statutes themselves do allow the enrollment of participants in a variety of different circumstances. If you are uncertain whether someone is eligible for enrollment, you may send clarifying questions to acp@state.co.us.

Can children be enrolled in the program?

Yes, children may be enrolled in the ACP. Consent of the child’s guardian is required for their enrollment. Children may be enrolled as co-applicants if they are living in the same home as an eligible participant. Children can also be enrolled as the primary individual eligible. In the latter case, please contact acp@state.co.us or 303-866-2208, as the applications are filled out differently.


General ACP Contact Information

  Address: 1001 E. 62nd Ave., Denver, CO 80216

  Phone: 303-866-2208 or 1-888-341-0002

  Fax: 303-866-3946

  TTY: 1-800-659-2656

  Email: acp@state.co.us

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