Current Application Assistants

If you are looking for an Application Assistant to help you enroll as a participant in the ACP, please visit this page of Application Center Locations.

What is the process for Application Assistant certification renewal?

Application Assistant certification is good for two years. One month prior to the expiration of your certification, the ACP Outreach and Training Coordinator will send a reminder notice with follow-up steps to renew your certification. If your renewal is complete within 30 days of the date of expiration, you may complete the Application Assistant Agreement as a "Renewal" without needing to complete the training process again.

If you missed the renewal period, please complete a training option listed on the Become an Application Assistant page, complete the Skills Assessment to 100%, and then complete the Application Assistant Agreement as a "Renewal" to be reinstated.

My information changed. Can I still be an Application Assistant?

Application Assistants must either be protected healthcare workers or provide direct services to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, or harassment as part of their work or volunteer responsibilities. Application Assistant certification is not connected to one specific workplace, so certification can transfer with an individual to a new workplace.

Update the ACP with New Information

If your employment or contact information has changed, please notify the ACP by completing the Application Assistant Agreement as a "Change of Information."

Where can I check my certification listing online?

It is optional whether your information is listed on the Application Center Locations page. You may check this page to ensure your information is accurate. Please contact acp@state.co.us if a correction is needed or if you would like to be added to or removed from the page.

Ongoing Education

ACP Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats occur once monthly for 30 minutes and are an optional opportunity for ongoing training and information about the ACP. These are for certified Application Assistants only. If you are a certified Application Assistant and are interested in receiving invitations to future ACP Coffee Chats, please contact the Outreach and Training Coordinator at acp@state.co.us. Coffee Chat invitations include a virtual meeting link and details about the content that will be covered during the next session.

Application Assistant Newsletter

The ACP creates a quarterly e-newsletter with updates and useful information for our current Application Assistants. Application Assistants are subscribed upon certification. However, if you have unsubscribed for any reason and would like to renew your subscription to this quarterly newsletter, please contact the Outreach and Training Coordinator at acp@state.co.us. You may need to check your spam filters and firewall settings to ensure that you can receive our newsletter.

ACP Materials

Applications are not available online. Certified Application Assistants who need more physical applications may request more by contacting acp@state.co.us


General ACP Contact Information

  Address: 1001 E. 62nd Ave., Denver, CO 80216

  Phone: 303-866-2208 or 1-888-341-0002

  Fax: 303-866-3946

  TTY: 1-800-659-2656

  Email: acp@state.co.us

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Note: The ACP is located in a secure state facility with no public access.