Resources for Application Assistants

If you are looking for an Application Assistant to help you enroll as a participant of the ACP, please visit this page of Application Center Locations.

What is an Application Assistant?

An Application Assistant is someone who provides counseling, referrals, or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual assault, and/or domestic violence as part of their job or volunteer work and has completed the Address Confidentiality Program training and certification process.

What do Application Assistants do?

Application Assistants meet with potential program participants and make program referrals. Application Assistants determine whether an applicant is eligible for program services and assesses the program fit of potential applicants. They also assist applicants with completing the application and submit it to the ACP once complete. ACP staff do not meet with potential participants for enrollment.

New Application Assistants

How do I become a certified Application Assistant?

In order to become a certified Application Assistant for the Colorado ACP and begin assisting clients with enrollment, you will need to complete an Application Assistant training. You can satisfy this training by completing the Online Training Process below, by signing up for one of our monthly Virtual Training sessions, or by requesting a training for your agency by contacting the Outreach Coordinator through acp@state.co.us.

Online Training Process

1) Watch the ACP Application Assistant Certification video below. The webinar is a recording of the training material, conducted by the Outreach Coordinator. The training lasts approximately 1 hour. If you would benefit from having a written version of the content, you can access this Training Transcript


2) After you have watched the entire training webinar, complete the Online Skills Assessment. You must pass with 100% in order to become a certified Application Assistant. The results will automatically be provided to you and ACP Staff to review. If you do not pass with 100%, you may retake the Skills Assessment as many times as needed. If needed, please send clarifying questions to acp@state.co.us.

3) Once you have passed the Skills Assessment, please complete the Application Assistant Agreement to ensure the ACP has the correct information.

4) When the ACP receives your Skills Assessment at 100% and your Application Assistant Agreement, your certification request will be processed. Once processed, you should receive your Registration Number and Starter Kits, including enrollment materials and program information, within approximately 2 weeks. You will be certified for 2 years.

5) Please take the time to provide feedback about the training and materials by completing this Training Evaluation. We are always looking to improve our trainings!

Proceso de capacitación en línea en español

1) Vea el vídeo de Certificación de Asistente de solicitudes ACP a continuación. El webinario euna grabación del material de capacitación, realizado por la Especialista de inscripción bilingüe. El entrenamiento dura aproximadamente 1 hora. Si se beneficiaría de tener una versión escrita del contenido, puede acceder a esta transcripción de capacitación en español.

2) Después de haber visto todo el webinario de capacitación, complete la Evaluación de habilidades en español. Debe aprobar con el 100% para convertirse en un(a) asistente de solicitud certificado/a. Los resultados se le proporcionarán automáticamente a usted y al personal de ACP para que los revise. Si no aprueba con el 100%, puede volver a tomar la Evaluación de Habilidades tantas veces como sea necesario. Si es necesario, envíe preguntas aclaratorias a acp@state.co.us.

3) Una vez que haya aprobado la Evaluación de habilidades, complete el Acuerdo de asistente de solicitud para asegurarse de que el ACP tenga la información correcta.

4) Cuando el ACP reciba su Evaluación de habilidades al 100% y su Acuerdo de asistente de solicitud, se procesará su solicitud de certificación. Una vez procesado, debe recibir su número de registro y kits de inicio, incluyendo material de inscripción e información del programa, en un plazo de aproximadamente 2 semanas. Estará certificado/a por 2 años.

5) Favor de tomar el tiempo para proporcionar comentarios sobre la capacitación y los materiales completando esta Evaluación de capacitación. ¡Siempre estamos buscando mejorar nuestros entrenamientos!

Virtual Training

The Colorado Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) offers monthly virtual Application Assistant Trainings. 

In this 90 minute-long training, attendees will be provided with a general overview of how the Colorado Address Confidentiality Program works and how ACP services can strengthen a survivor's safety plan. Those who wish to become registered Application Assistants can complete the process at the end of the presentation. You can RSVP to a monthly training through the events in the Calendar below or by contacting our Outreach Coordinator directly at acp@state.co.us or by phone at 303-866-3344.

We can accommodate approximately 10-15 attendees in each training and will fill spots on a first come first serve basis. Please send any requests for accommodations (ASL Interpreter, closed captioning, etc.) to Olive Henline at olive.henline@state.co.us at least two weeks in advance of the training you are signing up for. Thank you for the work that you do and we look forward to hearing from you!

Please note that ACP Coffee Chats are for currently certified Application Assistants and are an optional opportunity for ongoing guidance and conversations with ACP Staff. Once certified, you may join the mailing list to receive notifications prior to these sessions.

Request a Training for your Agency

If you are interested in scheduling a training session for your agency, or if the monthly sessions do not work for your schedule, you can request a training by emailing acp@state.co.us or calling 303-866-3344 to speak with the Outreach Coordinator. Please specify whether the training will be for Application Assistant certification or an informational meeting.

Current Application Assistants

Renewal or Updating Information

Do you need to renew your Application Assistant Certification?

Your certification is good for a 2-year term. One month prior to the expiration of your certification, the ACP will send you a reminder notice to complete a renewal. If you do not complete the required forms before your expiration date, your certification will be canceled. 

In order to renew your certification for another 2 years, you will be required to complete an updated Application Assistant Agreement as a Renewal. You may also be required to complete a training as part of your renewal process. This requirement can be fulfilled by completing the Online Training Process above, by signing up for one of our monthly virtual training sessions, or by requesting a training for your agency.  

Did you change your name, contact information, or place of employment?

You can transfer your designation to a new employer as long as you are still providing counseling, referral, or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual assault and/or domestic violence. You can do this by completing and submitting an updated Application Assistant Agreement as a Change of Information.

Where can I check my certification listing online?

You can make sure your online listing is correct and updated by viewing the Application Center Locations list. If there is a correction needed on the listing, please contact the ACP at acp@state.co.us

Applications and Materials

Do you need additional program applications or other program materials?

If you are a current Application Assistant and are in need of program materials, click on the links below for digital versions, or for hard copies, contact the ACP at 303-866-2208, or email acp@state.co.us. Applications are not available online and must be requested from our office directly by a certified Application Assistant.

Informational Brochure in English | Folleto Informativo en Español

Quick Reference Guide | Guía de Referencia

ACP Civil Rights Information in English | Información de Derechos Civiles del ACP

Lease Termination Law and Guidance

Stay Informed

ACP Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats occur once monthly for 30 minutes and are an optional opportunity for ongoing training and information about the ACP. These are for certified Application Assistants only. If you are a certified Application Assistant and are interested in receiving invitations to future ACP Coffee Chats, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at olive.henline@state.co.us. Coffee Chat invitations include a virtual meeting link and details about the content that will be covered during the next session.

Application Assistant Newsletter

The ACP creates a quarterly e-newsletter with updates and useful information for our current Application Assistants. Application Assistants are subscribed upon certification. However, if you have unsubscribed for any reason and would like to renew your subscription to this quarterly newsletter, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at olive.henline@state.co.us. You may need to check your spam filters and firewall settings to ensure that you can receive our newsletter.




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