Fulfillment & Kitting

Prepping packages on a table for shipping and delivery.


Fulfillment is a process, not one specific task. It involves everything from warehousing materials, to filling an order, to packaging and shipping it in a timely manner and requires the actions of multiple employees across various areas.

IDS offers a fulfillment program to assist in the distribution of any printed media:

  • Document file pull and transfer for electronic scans or secure mailing
  • Website ordering system for printed media
  • Order processing of printed materials, CDs, and DVDs
  • Shipping using FEDEX®, UPS®, USPS®, and inter-agency mail services 

IDS’ experienced team picks, packs, and dispatches orders, with the highest degree of accuracy, in the fastest possible turnaround time, which is crucial in today’s world. IDS has the resources to deal with sudden spikes and volumes. Inventory levels are tracked easily and customers are informed of needs forecasts.



Kitting is an order fulfillment term for preassembly of individual items into ready-to-ship kits instead of picking and packing those individual items as orders. If shipping similar orders in quantity, the savings potential of fulfillment kitting can be huge.

Start with a pocket folder, add a set of brochures, include a booklet, combine an application form and the recipe for a unique and effective kit is born. 

IDS is outfitted to handle all kitting needs. Normal shipping time is typically within 24 hours or less dependent on the volume of the project and the system tracks and reports every single order, from receipt to delivery.




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