Who Should Use the Brand

Image showing Red Rocks formations with the State of Colorado C logo on the left and is the image banner for the webpage on Who Should Use the Brand.

Official State of Colorado Entities

Colorado logo

The State brand is intended to unify our State departments under one aesthetic, create efficiencies, and instill a shared pride among State employees. Please see the Communications Toolkit and Brand Guidelines.




Non-Profit Agencies & Companies

Colorado Company Certification Program (previously known as byColorado)

Image showing the new Colorado Company logo, aka, byColorado for use by non-profit agencies and companies outside of the State government system.



The new Colorado Company logo is designed for use by non-profit agencies and companies outside of the State government system that have applied and been accepted to the program as a certified Colorado Company business. 



WHO MAY APPLY: Private sector non-profits and/or companies — Colorado businesses and organizations outside of the State government system. The State appreciates all the businesses/companies that have shown interest, and we look forward to working with you soon.

BENEFITS: Aligning your business with the values of being a proud Colorado Company has many benefits. It enables the use of the trademarked logo as a marketing tool to showcase your business as uniquely Coloradan. It shows support for local businesses and it fosters a sense of community among Colorado business owners.

PROGRAM HISTORY: The byColorado program was dissolved in February 2020 and refreshed as the Colorado Company program with a formal announcement and rollout during July 2023.

APPLICATION: Must include an attachment with both a description and visual/graphical representation of ALL intended uses of the Colorado Trademark. The application below outlines the specific requirements and may be submitted to: DPA_ColoradoCompany@state.co.us.

Colorado Company Application Form

CONTACT: For questions, reach out to the State of Colorado’s Integrated Document Solutions Brand Compliance Team — DPA_ColoradoCompany@state.co.us.