Consumer-Facing Brands

Department Sub-brands Option:
Consumer-Facing Brands

The Colorado master brand adds credibility and authority to its sub-brands. However, some department sub-brands have built significant mass-market equity in their existing individual identities. An example would be the Colorado Lottery. Sub-brands that are deemed to fit this category may continue to use their existing logo, with pre-approval from the Colorado Brand Office. To strengthen brand recognition, refrain from creating new State logos that don't align with these brand guidelines. To identify the relationship between the State government and sub-brand, it is acceptable to use a C-only lock-up, a Paired Brand lock-up, or an Endorsed Brand Strategy—where the C logo is used as a separate element from the Consumer-Facing Brand's logo.

The following three strategies are available for Consumer-Facing Brands and may be used interchangeably:

C-only Lock-up

Consumer-Facing Brands may choose to use a C-only lock-up which omits a department Emblem  (see the Department Sub-brands Option: C-only Logo/Lock-up section above)  


The C emblem with the program or project name



Paired Brand Lock-up

A Paired Brand lock-up may be used when a department sub-brand has an existing logo with broad public recognition but still wants to maintain a strong connection to the State. In this scenario, the C logo is positioned directly adjacent to the sub-brand logo in a Paired Brand lock-up. In rare cases, it may be desirable to relate the sub-brand to its managing department. In that case it may be acceptable to combine the logo with its C/Emblem pair.

The C emblem with a circular program logo next to it




Endorsed Brand Strategy

The Endorsed Brand Strategy allows a department sub-brand to maintain its current brand identity and stand on its own. A subtle connection back to the State is made through the inclusion of the C logo in a non-dominant position on associated marketing materials. The C logo serves as an "endorsement" of that sub-brand. In cases where a more direct connection to the managing department is desired, it is also acceptable to use the department brand instead of the C.

A circular program logo is larger and to the left of the C emblem



Consumer Facing Brands:
The Brand Strategies in Use

To identify the relationship between the State government and a department sub-brand that is a Consumer-Facing Brand, it is acceptable to use a C-only lock-up, a Paired Brand lock-up, or an Endorsed Brand Strategy. Below are suggested uses for a Paired Brand lockup and an Endorsed Brand Strategy. A Consumer-Facing Brand may use both strategies interchangeably with the understanding that on most communications one or the other will be more useful or visually appealing.

Paired Brand Lock-up

This strategy may be more visually appealing on small collateral such as business cards, name badges, letterhead, small website banner ads or other cases when there is limited space to display the two logos separately.

A business card layout using the C emblem with the program logo


Endorsed Brand Strategy

This strategy may be more useful on advertisements, presentations, report covers, and other consumer-facing communications that allow for enough space to display the logos as described below.

Two stationery examples with the program logo more prominent than the C emblem


Endorsed Brand Strategy Treatment Guidelines

When using the Endorsed Brand Strategy, the C logo and the department sub-brand logo appear on communications as separate elements. When using the Endorsed Brand Strategy, place significant distance between the C logo and the sub-brand logo in order to maintain the integrity of each brand. The C logo should always appear on the same page as the sub-brand logo and should be no larger than the size of the sub-brand logo.




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