A collage of microfilm reel, locked folder, and cds
IDS Microfilm is managed through the IDS southern region facility and is well equipped for long-term storage. IDS works directly with Colorado State Archives to store and retrieve film for conversion processing and ensures safe deposit of all microfilm.

As a permanent legal record, original rolls of film are deposited with the State Archivist.



  • Ensure document security: Microfilm conversion provides protection against loss of the original film. The digital record will exist in the event the film is stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed. 
  • Reduced storage costs: Depending on the number of rolls of film your organization has, storage space can become an issue and space may need to be rented or used for a different purpose. Digital images eliminate the need for the physical storage of the film. 
  • Increased efficiency: Digital images can be retrieved instantly using customer defined search criteria without having to find the original microfilm roll and a microfilm reader used to find the images.  Images containing text can be converted using optical character recognition technology to allow for full-text searches.
  • Provide easy access to important information: Sharing microfilm images requires a special printer. By converting to digital, images are able to be shared easily to meet customer needs.



  • Microfilm Conversion
    • Convert existing microfilm to digital images for customer use
    • Convert microfiche and aperture cards to digital image
    • Convert complete or partial rolls into desired format (TIF, PDF, or JPEG)
    • Images can be uploaded to a customer site or exported to CDs/DVD for easy retrieval
    • Document indexing and quality checking of all images
    • Optional OCR conversion to create text searchable PDFs



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