Support Contacts

IDS customer service support, direction, and assistance.

IDS Customer Account Managers

IDS' Denver Customer Account Managers are assigned to specific departments and can answer questions, receive orders, provide estimates, track job status, assist in planning upcoming projects, and/or discuss how IDS can improve its services with your agency. You can contact the Denver team by emailing, calling 303-866-4100 option 1. The Pueblo team's general number is 719-948-0053.

For specific Denver and Pueblo service related contacts, see the leadership section below.


Head shot of Joe Aguilar

Joe Aguilar
Senior Account Manager/Denver



Head shot of Melissa (Mel) Wilkerson

Mel Wilkerson
Account Manager/Denver



IDS Linda Stiles

Linda Stiles
Account Manager/Denver



IDS Leadership & Additional Support

IDS leadership in the north/Denver and south/Pueblo facilities are listed below. The location of the service or manager/supervisor does not affect the logistics of the project. Our staff will work with you on getting your project processed without any added travel or delay.

Denver Related Services

Pueblo Related Services

Head shot of Mike Lincoln

Mike Lincoln
IDS Northern Regional Manager/Denver
Colorado State Printer

1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-11  |  Denver, CO 80216  
Phone: 303-866-3874  |  Fax: 303-866-4024

Head shot of Rae Wiant

Diana "Rae" Wiant
IDS Southern Regional Manager/Pueblo

2 Jetway Court  |  Pueblo, CO 81001    
Phone: 719-948-5751  |  Fax: 719-545-1411

Head shot of Jerry Gentry

Jerry Gentry
IDS Assistant Northern Regional Manager/Denver


Head shot of Kait Clough

Kait Clough
IDS Assistant Southern Regional Manager/Pueblo
and Scanning Manager

719-948-5744 (Pueblo)

Head shot of Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson
Delivery,/Security Manager/Warehousing
Threat Liaison Officer (TLO)


IDS Sandy Justus

Sandy Justus
Scanning Supervisor/Pueblo

719-948-5754 (Pueblo)

Head shot of Tonya Douglas

Tonya Douglas
Print & Mail Operations Manager


IDS Julia Hernandez

Julia Hernandez
Data Conversion Supervisor/Pueblo

719-948-5761 (Pueblo)

A photo of IDS Gary Moore.

Gary Moore
Mail Delivery Supervisor



Bernadette Dominguez
Data Conversion Supervisor/Pueblo

719-948-5752 (Pueblo)

Head shot of Gilbert Gomez

Gilbert Gomez
Lead Variable Data Designer


IDS James Justus

James Justus
Warehouse/Fulfillment Supervisor/Pueblo

719-948-5755 (Pueblo)

A photo of Nicole Brinn, IDS Designer.

Nicole Brinn
Lead Designer/Brand Compliance Manager



Ethan Sisneros
Mail/Prep Supervisor/Pueblo

719-948-5763 (Pueblo)

Head shot of Teddy Abad-Perez

Teddy Abad
Secure Office Print Ecosystem (SOPE)
Program Manager


If you are unsure who to contact, have an issue with the website, or any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our Marketing/Communications Manager below.

Barb Novak Head Shot

Barb Novak
Department of Personnel & Administration
Division of Central Services (DCS)
Marketing/Communications Manager

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Customer Account Management Team
Denver: 303-866-4100  |  Email DPA_IDSCustomerService
Pueblo:  719-948-0053  |  Email DPA_IDSCustomerService

IDS Hours of Operation
Northern Region/Denver - 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Mon. - Fri.
Southern Region/Pueblo - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Mon. - Fri.

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