Interoffice Delivery

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Agencies that are part of the IDS Mail Delivery program are entitled to interoffice mail delivery and pickup of all outgoing mail delivered to the IDS Mail Operations facility.

This service also includes the delivery of materials produced by IDS Print Operations.

  • Interoffice Delivery
    Interoffice references the mail that travels between all state agencies with a 24-hour turnaround. IDS routes include the Denver Metro area through the southern region of the state, including Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Canon City.

Interoffice mail must be labeled with an electronic or paper interoffice tag in order for the shipment to be tracked from origin to destination when requested.



Mail Delivery — Gary Moore 303-866-4665 | gary.moore@state.co.us
For questions on your interoffice office or special run deliveries, missing items, routes, times, delays, etc.

Mail Security — Jim Patterson 303-866-3169 | jr.patterson@state.co.us 
For questions relating to your mail security — secure screening of your mail, how or what is involved, or if you aren't sure if your mail is screened.





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